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How can I get money

How can I get money, on this site we will be exploring various ways to get money , specifically we will be emphasizing on the question, "how can I get money online". So before starting exploring all points, lets list out the questions that arises on our mind on listening the term how can I get money, these are,

SEO for your blog

SEO for blog

SEO is must part of any blog, who is ambitious to be on top of the Google,  Although there are too many factors which are responsible for getting your blog on top of the Google results, but SEO is among the very basic and very effective. SEO is a ever changing process, you need to change your strategies, your goals with every new SEO updates.

But basic techniques somehow remain same. Like, Good titles, Good keywords, Nice descriptions, Keyword Density etc. Every small point I wrote is a sea in itself. You can write a full book on any of above said word. 

If your article is useful for reader ?

Write quality blog

So you are already in blogging ? Have you ever thought of writing quality blog rather than just writing a blog. If your answer is yes, then It really great for you and your reader. Reason being, its all about returning visitors to your blog or website. 

Identify your particular area before creating a blog

Many of us are very interested these days to create a blog and put anything xyz in it on daily basis and thinking of good income from it. Friends it is certainly possible but not that easy as we think in starting, it requires same level of passion and time as we devote to our studies while learning in schools or colleges.

Important tips for secure mobile transactions and securing mobile data

Using mobile for all your needs these days is cool, but make sure you are aware of all security measures of mobile to protect your data and money. 

If online money transfer is secure ?

There is a huge jump in the graph of online money transfer around the globe. But if it is secure ? What precautions we need to take to make online money transfer safe ? This article is all about answering your this question in depth.

Earn money at tourist places

tourist place business money

While taking an online survey I came to know that people who are working or giving services at tourist places have comparatively high margins than others. It is obvious and I guess many among us know this fact provided you think in a business point of view. If you are in a kind of service that you can target this tourist segment then do not waste this opportunity.

Do not write before learning how to write

Article writing skills

If you are a blogger, you need to write so many stories or articles, whatever you say. Writing is a skill, well, before writing this article I want to say, do not think I am trying to teach you, but I am just sharing the things which I have learned so far and things which have worked for me.

Save money by coupon codes

Save money by coupons codes

If you are an online shopper. then you must have heard about online coupon code or discount coupons for online shopping. But if you actually have used them ? If not, then you should. These days almost every shopping website is giving discounts on some coupon codes, actually what happens, when you are about to shop any product online then many websites give this option of discount, after entering this code you get discount on total value, it may be on the percentage of total amount or may be some amount less on total. 

Money in travelling field

Money in travelling

Do you love traveling ? If traveling is your passion ? Then why not to make your passion as your carrier. You can not only earn a huge but can also live your passion. Starting from a tourist guide and lots more options are there in this field. What's most exciting in this field is mostly you need to deal with foreign tourists, which is itself a matter of great joy if you want to know all globe people. When we talked to few people of this field, we came to know they earn huge apart from salary on commission basis.