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Commodity meaning

Commodity meaning

Commodity meaning is generally described as any physical substance which may be food, grains or metals which are interchangeable to other commodities. Commodities are often used as the inputs for the production of other goods and services. Price of commodity depends on the demand and supply. 

Commodities are usually saled and purchased through future contracts on exchanges, because exchanges standardize the measures about quality etc of a commodity that are supposed to traded through them. Commodity involves money value.


Best ways to save money on Cooking Gas

Save money on cooking gas

Cooking is daily activity so it is a part of our daily budget, We can save money while cooking but using cooking gas wisely. Best ways to save money on cooking gas are listed below :

Best ways to save money on Shoes

save money on shoes

Shoes shows a lot about your personality. Have you ever think the best ways to save money on shoes. If we talk about a man then he is having very few accessories to show off unlike women. So its my advice to men to be a bit choosy when buying shoes. While when you get choosy about something it costs you more, isntit.

Here I am suggesting you best ways to save money on shoes :

How can I save money on food

how can I save money on food

How can I save money on food is a question about which very few people think about and very few people take stress on mind to get the answer of this. If you want to know few best ways to save money on food then in this article we will be explaining few basic steps but very effective ways to save money on food.

Before adding more it is worth mentioning that saving money on food do not mean to compromise with the quality of food as  at the end of the day we all are earning for the food somewhere, isntit.

Do not follow blindly

do not follow blindly

There are lots of people online and offline to give free and paid advices. Truth is that no one will advice you without a small benefit of them. It is never a wise decision to follow someone blindly, specially when it is the matter of money. Money being the most important part of today's lifestyle, may make you take and follow some advices which you feel can quickly multiply the amount you have. But never follow any advice without getting the answers of your questions. Go for a decesion  which have a strong base of facts. 

Best ways to save money by cutting electricity bill

how to cut electricity bill

Have you ever given a thought to the simple trick of saving your money by cutting your electricity bill ? It is very simple and realistic which can save money for us as well as can save electricity of the Nation too. Moreover saving money is more important than making money.

Get money by reading email

Get money by reading email

How can I get money by reading email ? Have you ever thought of this question ? Well in this online world getting money is not a difficult job but getting an idea by which you can really get money for you may be a bit difficult. So lets talk on this idea of getting money. Although it is not a very good way of making lots of money even many sites claims to be so, but still you can make a decent extra amount. 

How to save money on small things

how to save money

Do you ever thinks of saving money on small things or do you ask yourself that how to save money on small things. Well most of us may not be but we all should be. Why ? because you can get any service with plenty of money but cant get the same service event if you have a one cent short than required. So never waste money, save money as much as you can. 

Now lets put a light on small small things we can do to save our hard earned money:

White Label ATM (WLA) meaning

White Label ATM

White Label ATM's (WLA) are those ATM's which are not owned by bank, these ATM's may belong to any third party, although it may have a sponsor bank for it. It should also have a network operator like VISA, Mastercard. Purpose of this is to make ATM's penetration more in the areas where we are lacking ATM's. As in today scenario ATM is just like a thing of daily need as far as far money is concerned. For normal withdrawal of money we prefer ATM but today ATM's are giving much more services rather than just withdrawing money.

If money is the root of all evil ?

It is told us some times that money is the root of all evils. It seems partially truth when we see on many facts like, most of crimes are committed with an intention of getting money. People sometime think only one question that how can I get money , regardless of the way chosen. Lots of murders and loots are happening around the globe these days just for money. When we give preference to money more than our values then it will certainly make this proverb true.