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How can I get money back that someone owes me

 Lots of people are confused with a simple question that how can I get money back that someone owes me. Question is simple but the this situation is not that simple as it looks, many people just make you friend just to get your advantage money wise. I have learned somewhere that no friendship happen without some reason of getting benefit. So lets come back to question now, If someone owes you money that pretty good chances are they are very close to you or on other words they are in your relation or friends. There are two situations.

  •  You have given money to someone from whom you are feeling shy to get it back
  • You have given money to someone which you feel is a fraud and want it back legally

 1. Lets start with discussing the first situation, So you are feeling shy to get that money back as the person is very known to you. Then the very first thing you should clear that if you will not ask for money back then ultimately you will loose that relation with money too, because that person may get away . So with my experience if you want to get money back that someone owes you , you should first start with few tricks eg. 

  • Call him or her and ask that you need money (Please note that dont give very short time, in that case he/she may say that not possible in short span of time, tell him/her with a time span of atleast one week, furthur depending on the amount of money), you should ask for more money than what you have given so that atleast your money will be returned without any deductions , also better to tell that "Thanks my friend you came to my support in the time of need ", you will get money back and if you have got extra money then return it on time committed.


  • Ask him/her straighaway on a cup of tea or coffee, tell that he owes money on you and you need it back with a small smile, trust me many times it happens that someone just not give money back because they are expecting to ask for it first.


  • If the person who has taken money from you has some other business then try to get money back through his services, but dont tell him/her about this before taking his/her services.


  • Last but not the least that if you still feel shy to ask for it then next time when someone ask for money to you then tell him that you too need it and infact you were about to ask for it from him. 

   2. Second case is when you want it legally: 

  • Then its very good practise to threat for a legal action first before taking the legal action actually. Chances are there that he/she may get ready to give money back on listening about legal action. Its better to give him/her a span of time so that he/she get agree easily. 
  • If above not work and you have proofs just take a legal action as no choice left.Never let your money 1 rupee go by getting fool  even if you have to spend 5 rupee to save that. because it will save 50 rupee of your's in future. Mark my words. Saving your loss is the actual and long term earnings.