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How can I get money donated to me

Question is : How can I get money donated to me ?

Well I think this question is being asked not only for online donation but also for offline.

So here we go with some tips:

1.  How can I get money donated to me online :

You have two options here,

  • Firstly you can make your own donation raiser website or
  • You can get donation raised for you by other sites already going on.

The simple thing you need to do is, login to then select Merchant Services.There you will find the options of create buttons, then click on Donate. You will be having a code for your donate button. You can put this code on your site and can give this code to some authentic sites to get donation for you, please check before if the site you are giving code takes some percentage or not.  There are many success stories of online money donation present. Even many sites are mentioning them on their home page. Actually I was also a bit suspicious about this but after some online research I came to know that it really works in some cases. Ya, as your money count is really on someone's mood and kindness, so you need a great luck moreover why you need money to be donated can also be a great factor.

2.  How can I get money donated to me otherwise: 
If you also want to try it other than online then make a search on local government autorities and NGOs, NGOs are very helping as they are passionate about the help, so If your reason is genuine they will certainly will help you.    
But friends never ever go for short money makng schemes before proper investigating, it may happen that you even loose money which you are having in greed. Do hardwork to earn the money, no work is small but our thinking may be. Never opt for bad ways to get money. Just pray to God to guide you for your future and Morning time is perfect to think about these topics as per my experience.
Have a great future. Good Luck